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Knowledge is the only tool for social transformation, intellectual growth and economic development. Knowing the fact, every nation concentrates upon educating its citizens spending a sizable portion of its budget every year. The importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes individuals in their formative years and imbues them with values that would govern all their choices in life. Higher Education Department aims at imparting a complete and quality education in the true sense of the word, not only by way of formidably high academic standards, but also by developing all faculties – intellectual, physical and spiritual. Our endeavor is to enable students to develop an analytical mind, intellectual curiosity, moral integrity, strong sense of values, a disciplined life style and a feeling of companionship among students that will transcend social, communal, religious and provincial prejudices.

The 21st Century is marked with globali
zation, making knowledge also a shared and joint asset. Basic information, the present base of knowledge and advance research work is now available on the internet to all and sundry around the global village. One only needs to have possession of the basic Information technology and elementary knowledge of operating the same for getting benefit from the vast bank of knowledge available.
The Higher Education Department (HED) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is serving the nation and producing Scholars and Scientists for the Country. The theme of the Department is “Education for all” without distinguishing religion, cast, and states. The Higher Education Department (HED) not only producing curricular activities but also polishing the generation by extra-curricular activities.

A new education philosophy evolved and the curriculum was developed to suit the needs of the multi ethnic, multi religious and multi lingual society. The aims of education took a different dimension of developing a balance personality in a pluralistic society. New innovations are being added to the system providing educational opportunities, opening a gateway to the student population to cope with the developments of the 21st century knowledge society. Today the development of technology, particular the application of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has revolutionized learning methodologies. It has immensely facilitated the dissemination of knowledge enabling to usher in a learning society. The government is keen on using this technology to introduce e-governance which will bring government services to the door-step of the people. The improvem
ent of Information Communication Technology (ICT) education is a priority. New models of Results based Management (RBM) highlighting the importance of the outcome of the educational activities are being introduced to the system gradually in keeping with the modern trends of education.

Mr. Arshad Khan, Secretary Higher Education KP