On May 24, 2023, HERA organized an impactful inter-university declamation competition, bringing together talented students from various private institutions.
The theme, “The Role of Universities in Sustainable Development, Peace, and Counter-Violent Extremism,” highlighted the global challenges at hand. The students delivered passionate speeches, shedding light on universities’ pivotal role in fostering sustainable development, peace, and countering extremism. The competition provided a platform for innovative ideas and collaboration, inspiring a commitment to an inclusive and harmonious society.
During the closing ceremony, distinguished guests, including Chief Guest Chairman HERA
Mr. Fazal e Qadir and representatives from NACTA, Sarhad University, and Iqra National University, jointly distributed participation certificates, recognizing each participant’s valuable contribution.
Chairman HERA expressed gratitude to winners and attendees, emphasizing the event’s significance in developing critical thinking, research skills, and presentation abilities. The competition greatly contributed to the personal growth and intellectual development of the students, equipping them for
future endeavours.
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